Three things I think, like or want to hype

Reading Adventure

The summer holidays are here! So in a break from my usual 3-things blog format, I’ve teamed up with my fellow debut 2022 kidlit authors to invite readers aged 6-11 on a #ReadingAdventure…

Finishing touches

Small! launched on 16th June. With the writing and editing done, the last few months were all about adding finishing touches to the launch party and getting ready for signings.
With that in mind, here are three of my favourite bookish extras

Happytown Must Be Destroyed

James Harris’ Happytown Must Be Destroyed is bonkers, brilliant and heartfelt. Here are three things that made the comedy sing

Building a website #2

Here are three more things I’ve learned as I try to build my author website. Brace yourselves, I’m getting geeky

Behind the cover reveal

Today’s Small!’s cover reveal day, making it the perfect time to talk about three of the people who made it possible

Writing resolutions

It’s the day for making resolutions. Here are three of mine

Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to Being Good

I got my hands on an early copy of Louie Stowell’s next book. Here are three reasons I think it’s great – and three things it reminded me about writing

In praise of pantsing

NaNoWriMo has finished for another year. And it’s reminded me why, in early drafts at least, I’ll always be a pantser

Punctuation inspiration

Punctuation: necessary for understanding, but also a thing of beauty in its own right.
Here are three bits of inspiration from punctuation

Announcing your debut

The news is out! My debut, SMALL! will be published in May 2022. Here are three thoughts on navigating the first part of a debut journey

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