Fangtastic fun and games

SMALL BITES BACK is out now. Here are a few of the characters you’ll meet. And some of the vampire dentists’ favourite Fang Facts 🧛🏻‍♀️ 🦷

Meet the characters!

Harvey and Twinkle

If you’ve read SMALL! you’ve already met Harvey Small and Twinkle the skelephant. Well, they’re back! And this time everyone thinks Harvey’s the Chosen One! Will he live up the Fortune-Teller-in-the-Cellar’s prediction? Will he save his skelephant friend from the Unspeakable Circus? Read Small Bites Back to find out!

The Queen of the Tooth Fairies

This is the Queen of the Tooth Fairies. She’s only in a few chapters, but she pulls the strings (and teeth) behind the scenes. If you ever meet her, watch out – she’ll offer you all the stickiest sweets around. But if you eat them, your teeth won’t be happy!


Clot is my favourite new character. She’s the ‘lucky’ vampire student picked to help Harvey and Walloping when they arrive at Viscount Bloodsucker’s Academy for Gifted Vampires. But she doesn’t seem too pleased to meet them! Clot never goes anywhere without her bat, Fruity – who is currently snoozing on her wrist.

Viscount Bloodsucker

This is Viscount Bloodsucker, the headteacher at Viscount Bloodsucker’s Academy for High Achieving Vampires and chief dentist extraordinaire at Happy Fang Dental Surgery. He’s fangtastically image-conscious. All he wants to do is look good in the upcoming school photo. But will a charming smile win over all those swamp creatures who are far too scared to visit the dentist? Or is there another reason why no one lets the vampires in?

Fang facts! 🧛🏻‍♀️ 🦷