Fun and games

Have you got what it takes to be a gifted giant? Have a go at these games and worksheets for more fun with Harvey and his friends.

Class letter

I’ve loved hand-writing letters to go up on your classroom and library walls. But I’ve had so many requests I’m almost out of Harvey Small letter paper. So I’ve decided to make a printable PDF letter too (using a mostly black and white design to save on ink!).

Which SMALL! character is most like you?

Try this quick quiz to find out!

Follow the link to play

Choose your giant name

Every giant needs a name. Find yours here!


Giant explorers know how to find missing friends … and lost words. Can you find all the giant words in this puzzle?

Chapter one activities

Now you’ve read the first chapter, try imagining what Madame Bogbrush’s School for Gifted Giants will be like.

Chapter two activities

Now you’ve met Mr Ogg, let’s look at all the ways you can describe a giant. And imagine a giant visiting your classroom!

Activtites for chapters three, four and five

Make your own school rules, explore settings and create your own bashing club with these worksheets.

Activities for chapters six and seven

Answer some multiple choice questions for chapter six, create your own swamp café in chapter seven and start imagining what Madame Bogbrush, the Headteacher will be like.

Activities for chapters eight, nine and ten

Here are three more chapter worksheets. Design a giant’s dancing costume, choreograph the steps to a giant dance … and write a diary entry for Kevin, the school slug.

Activities for chapters eleven, twelve and thirteen

Unscramble some anagrams, draw a map and make some predictions.

Activities for chapters fourteen and fifteen

Test your vocabulary, try a crossword and create the ultimate hot chocolate!

Activities for chapters sixteen and seventeen

Follow Harvey on his emotional rollercoaster and write a short story called, The Day I Vanished.

Activities for chapters eighteen, nineteen and twenty

Write a letter to Mr Snout, write a page from Mistress Ring’s diary and test your memory by spotting the mistakes.

Write a book review postcard

Reviews really help authors out – and writing them is a great way for students to think critically about the things they do and don’t like about a story. If your class would like to write book review postcards, you can download cards for SMALL! and the other 15 books on the #ReadingAdventure here.