Talks and events

Bookshop signings and talks already in the diary

I’m still planning some of my events and workshops, so if you’re looking for something specific, just ask. In the meantime, here’s a hint of what’s in store.

Talks and events

Interactive bookshop or library workshop

1. Could you sneak into giant school? (1 hour)
  • Prepare to sneak into giant school Harvey-Small style
  • Learn about everything you might encounter: the food, the lessons, the creatures…(taking inspiration from other giant legends and stories)
  • Plan your giant disguise
  • Write your own giant story
  • Get your book signed and stamped
Leading a Group Grunting session at Rocketship Bookshop
2. Create a swamp creature (45 minutes)
  • Meet me … and a swamp creature from SMALL!
  • Create your own creature
  • Write and illustrate your own swamp creature story
  • Get your book signed and stamped.


1. Journey to the Stinking, Sinking Swamp (30 mins)
  • Meet me
  • Hear two short extracts from Small!
  • Journey into the swamp … and meet a swamp creature you’ve created
  • Ask me anything about being a writer
2. 101 ways to be a writer

When I was growing up I thought there were only two ways to become a writer: be an author or be a journalist. But now I’ve worked as a writer for a good 15 years (and only become an author this year) I know that’s not true. So if your class is looking for some career inspiration meet me to:

  • talk about lots of ways you can write for a living
  • hear about a few writing jobs I’ve done
  • have a go at being a business writer
  • learn what it takes to get a book published
  • ask me anything about being a writer.